newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby Old Scribe » 05 Jan 2017 20

Some of my reloading buddies don't tumble brass. I tumble sometimes and for sure any range brass I gather. The rest of the time I clean the primer pockets check the case mouths and reload. Simple.
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby akuser47 » 06 Jan 2017 00

I'm the same if I know the brass I don't worry anymore. If new to me I clean and inspect it. +corn
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 06 Jan 2017 05

Well guys, I have to say - thank you very much for many helpful ideas! I figured I really didn't have to go to the extremes of high-polishing brass especially if I don't care about how shiny it is. I just wanted to get some reassurance that the "myth" about dirty brass tearing up your dies was just that - more of a myth than a reality.

You all have confirmed some of my thoughts, and I am thankful for your feedback. Now, all I have to do is gather more .38/.357 hulls whenever I find them!!! +guns

Thanks alot guys.

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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby Fyodor » 06 Jan 2017 08

But don't forget to stop collecting at some point... I got enough .38 cases by now, if they all were loaded, I didn't need to reload for at least three years. Luckily I don't find the time to make 10k rounds at once, so I can go to my reloading room once in a while.
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