newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby Old Scribe » 05 Jan 2017 20

Some of my reloading buddies don't tumble brass. I tumble sometimes and for sure any range brass I gather. The rest of the time I clean the primer pockets check the case mouths and reload. Simple.
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby akuser47 » 06 Jan 2017 00

I'm the same if I know the brass I don't worry anymore. If new to me I clean and inspect it. +corn
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby alphalimafoxtrot » 06 Jan 2017 05

Well guys, I have to say - thank you very much for many helpful ideas! I figured I really didn't have to go to the extremes of high-polishing brass especially if I don't care about how shiny it is. I just wanted to get some reassurance that the "myth" about dirty brass tearing up your dies was just that - more of a myth than a reality.

You all have confirmed some of my thoughts, and I am thankful for your feedback. Now, all I have to do is gather more .38/.357 hulls whenever I find them!!! +guns

Thanks alot guys.

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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby Fyodor » 06 Jan 2017 08

But don't forget to stop collecting at some point... I got enough .38 cases by now, if they all were loaded, I didn't need to reload for at least three years. Luckily I don't find the time to make 10k rounds at once, so I can go to my reloading room once in a while.
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby rdover » 01 Mar 2017 12

I read an article recently where a guy puts his cartridges in a bottle of water as soon as he shoots them. Starts the cleaning right away.
NRA used to (still does?) recommend this solution:
1 - QT Hot Water
1 - Cup Vinegar (can use citric acid)
1 - tbsp salt
1 - tbsp dish soap
Soak for no more than 15 minutes.
1 Qt water
1 teaspoon baking soda
Soak for 15 minutes.

What I've started doing is take the above solution, leave out the vinegar so it's just 1 - QT Hot Water, 1 - tbsp salt, 1 - tbsp dish soap, throw the brass in there at the range. You can leave it for several days in that solution. Then when I'm ready to actually wash it, pour in the 1 Cup Vinegar, agitate, let sit for 5 minutes, agitate, sit 5, agitate, sit 5 pour and rinse. Then do the neutralize. You'll want to rinse after the neutralizing about 4-6 times. I put the brass back in a screw top container and shake it real well.

It comes out looking nice.
I do tumble in a vibratory with lizard litter (walnut shell) and Nu-Finish. Brass looks brand new, better than a lot of factory rounds.
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Re: newbie: cleaning .38/.357 cases without a tumbler?

Postby Ranch Dog » 02 Mar 2017 06

I like the idea of getting them in a solution quickly. I've been wanting to clean my brass before it gets decapped to keep some to shooting grim out of my room and off my press and dies.
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