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Lead free

Postby Steve » 06 Jan 2017 10

Yesterday on the news they mentioned legislation against lead in bullets because they found an eagle dead with high lead content in it. their idea is that it ate a wounded animal that died. Scavenger probably was poisoned by an anti gunner wanting to cause trouble.
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Re: Lead free

Postby RBHarter » 06 Jan 2017 10

Well as many times as this bucket of snakes has been shaken open you'd think .......

There was never any definitive proof that the lead that killed the Cal condors was from gut piles .
The testing methods in 1926 when it was determined that 6 pellets of #6 would kill a 6# duck in 6 days was unethical at best ....by today's standards just plain barbaric .
Michigan state determined that gut piles and specs posed no significant health risk.

Write your rep , call horse pucky , beat them over the head with facts .

Our question 1 universal background check law is a train wreck of if you don't you're a criminal , but the delegated party won't so you can't , since you can't comply the law can't be enforced even if you are caught by 12 cops, 3 feds and the brand inspector with cash and a gun and they all saw the whole transaction .

Lead poisoning in scavengers and predators is the same deal . Without deliberately killing the protected species that is to be protected by controlled scientific means AND in a "natural" environment test with a real world control group it's junk science . It is unlikely that GPS tracking and 100 large raptors would be sent to a death camp to prove a sub 1% death rate was caused exclusively by lead fragmentation and lost game birds other than water fowl and WMA small game and birds .
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Re: Lead free

Postby daboone » 06 Jan 2017 13

I can't even begin to imagine how much game was taken down by flintlock round ball by our ancestors.
Somehow we, their offspring, survived all that lead poison they they ingested. Or maybe that's why we are degenerate reloaders? ;) :D
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Re: Lead free

Postby akuser47 » 07 Jan 2017 10

It's funny to me that lead bullets are being controlled by the epa, but look at the massive still not completely known damage fracking is doing. This will be the new unfixable devastion in our future. Lead bullets don't do as bad as Fracking. Drink water near homes near a old fracked well if the cement gives which they will n do. You'll have methane you can light from your tap trying to get water. They're fracking here in parts of Ohio. The poisin is killing off wildelife. The money made is letting it happen. Sorry the lead thing gets me upset they want to protect wildlife like I said above lead hasn't done a thing com pared to this. Not like the fracking has. OK I'm done maybe it's better now maybe they have figured how to repair bad wells. I try to ignore it as its sad. +corn Rant over :roll:
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