Smartreloader iSD Automatic Powder Scale & Dispenser

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Re: Smartreloader iSD Automatic Powder Scale & Dispenser

Postby 357cyrus » 29 Oct 2013 20

Like maximumbob, I was reading your review of the smartreloaded and it sounded awfully similar to my Hornady Autocharge. While not perfect, I would recommend one to anyone sitting on the fence about buying one. I use it for all my bottleneck rifle loads and for dispensing incremental charges when working up a new load. Its just plain fast and accurate even when I double check every throw w/ a lee perfect powder scale. Saves you time by trickling while your seating the bullet on the previous charge. As for noise, its not very loud. The beep to let you know it went over is probably about as loud as the beeper in your car that goes off when someone isn't wearing their seatbelt. The motor probably makes less noise than my coffee pot. I think my wife saw some kinda sale with cabelas and got it for just over or under $200
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