Short cases .....

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Short cases .....

Post by RBHarter »

So today I got out the Blackhawk and was cleaning the 45 Colts cylinder in preparation for some loading . It had a crud ring in it that looked like I'd shot 4-500 Schofields through it , that case is just 1.100 . I got it cleaned up and grabbed a bunch of random Colts brass and started measuring , 1.260 ...... Crap I've been hunting Nevada where I was required to have 1.280or longer cases ...... They're supposed to be 1.285 .

Outside of the crud ring no harm .....

I guess I'll have to trim a bunch of brass down to 1.100 . I only have 35-40 cycles on most of this brass I guess I'll have to bust out the 4 bags of new Win or the brass stretcher . I sure hope the new brass is long enough.

Nope never trimmed any of it . All of it is from factory ammo circa 2000-2008 .

I guess that explains why I had to keep adjusting the crimp die down .

No they weren't all Colts loads most of them were just over max Colts loads just into low Ruger loads with 255-265 gr cast getting along at 1050 fps MV.
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