Rifle holds. Fit or voodoo

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Rifle holds. Fit or voodoo

Post by RBHarter »

What is it exactly that makes some arms just fit and hold rock solid ?
I've tried lots of different things and I have several different bases light and heavy forward and back . Length doesn't seem to be the big deal nor the comb rise or butt drop .
I'm a switch hitter , cross dominant, with a weak dominant eye and shoot both open as I never could wink my left eye .

of the 3 98's one just comes up forehand forward while the other 2 tend to support more naturally just ahead of the front action screw . Another requires a little hunting. Moms 22-250 has a Varmint stock so off hand it's a default mid-fore end hold . 24& and 26" barrels in typical Sporter profile and fixed 4-32 and 3-9×40s . They all tip in about 9# . One wanders like a drunken sailor, 2 just hang on point .

Dad's 700 Varmint Master in a wood Sporter stock with the 26" bull .890 at the muzzle hits me well about a hand in front of the front action screw . It weighs 10.5# with a 4-12×50 . Aside from the weight it's pretty solid .
A model 14 and 760 wander a little but are basically shotgun stocks and require a lot of attention to the fore end so I don't load one side .

Savages........ There's a duo of 340s one scoped one with peeps they hold way forward at 6# , 24" 222 & 20"30-30 .
The 110 ,200 Stevens and Axis get a hold that hovers around the barrel nut . The 110 requires my undivided focus for anything under 6" of wander at 100 . The others hold solid . My daughter's 110 SA 308 was a rock .

I want to love the bone stock pre 64 M70. See drunker sailor...,. Nope doesn't matter if I'm long forward or short it is better with the 8x40 than it was with 4-12×50 with the laced stock riser .

AR style it's weird. Peeps , V° , GI post , 4x32 ,A2 ,H-Bar , 16-20" , fat round ,A2, octag slotted tube fore ends are all stable. Although the 20" heavy barrel makes me work a little.

Having written this down and analyzing as I went through the bi-annual clean and sort I want to say maybe it's the grip and wrist shape ....... But the 92'&1895 and assorted Hawkins along with the Pennsylvania esk ML with the Euro-ish stocks tend to rule that out .
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Re: Rifle holds. Fit or voodoo

Post by FlaNative »

To me "fit" is very important but also a very subjective matter.
I shoot a lot of Trap and Skeet and fit will make or break you but so much of fit depends of things like mounting, arm length etc...heck wearing a coat or a tee shirt for that matter!
The greatest benefit of the fit issue for me personally is the vast number of excuses it provides when I miss.
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