cleaning reloads??

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How often do you clean your brass?

1) after every firing
2) after every other firing
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3) when I feel like it
4) I just blow off the sand...
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5) when they stick in the barrel
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6) cleaning? you gotta clean them???
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cleaning reloads??

Postby ME_flyboy » 07 Jul 2018 11

I just reloaded a mixed batch of vendor cleaned, fired, and slightly dirty, and some I re-primed, back in 2009, but hadn't loaded, that have since been stored in a military ammo can. (But nothing really filthy and horrendus...)

My question is what's the consensus on cleaning brass?
if your choice isn't on the list please comment...

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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby GasGuzzler » 07 Jul 2018 11

After every firing although I know it's not needed. I don't shoot enough for it to matter either way.
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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby RBHarter » 07 Jul 2018 15

It really depends on the loads and what I'm doing with them .

I have a lot of 9mm and probably only clean it every 2-3 times .
45 Colts get it when the show grung .
The AR fodder get cleaned every other time .

Hunting loads get done every time and sometimes before loading if it's something I cleaned a huge batch of but is showing tarnish .

If I shot competition I'd clean every time .
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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby mr surveyor » 07 Jul 2018 15

as a fairly new re-loader (only 7+ years), I'm still using the same habits that were developed from the start. Every piece of freshly shot brass gets de-primed and run through the old ultra-sonic tub with a dab of Lemi-Shine and Dawn dishwashing soap within a couple of days of shooting, if not the same day. My late mentor taught me to never run dirty brass through the sizing die, so I developed the habit.

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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby GRV01 » 07 Jul 2018 17

I marked every time but i dont tumble. I just soak and shake in a jar of water and a packet of non-medicinal generic alkaseltzer which is just baking soda and a lil citric acid and when most of the crud is settling at the bottom i rinse with fresh water and give them a low temp bake in thr oven to dry

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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby farmerjim » 08 Jul 2018 05

I clean most of my brass in large batches. I prime most of it in large batches, and put it on the shelf till I have the time to reload it. If I am loading a few for hunting, I do not clean the brass.
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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby daboone » 08 Jul 2018 08

I always assure the brass is clean. Whether or not it gets tumbled or a buzz bucket treatment or wiped with a rag or nothing depends on its condition. I do inspect each and every case individually before processing.
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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby Macd » 08 Jul 2018 11

Except for 9mm and 45 Auto, every reload. 9mm and 45 Auto get cleaned when it looks like it needs it. I do check every case before it goes into the sizing die and any that have crud or debris go into the bucket for cleaning before sizing.
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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 08 Jul 2018 13

Black powder and substitutes (Blackhorn209) get cleaned every time. Most of the rest when they get so gungy they're embarrassing.

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Re: cleaning reloads??

Postby Ranch Dog » 08 Jul 2018 13

Every firing.
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