.357 Mag and HNDY XTP's

Proofing your loaded ammuntion.

.357 Mag and HNDY XTP's

Postby mr surveyor » 08 Jul 2018 22

I mentioned this project in the Rifle Reloading thread so I thought this would be the appropriate place to post a pic of one of the targets. I know what the 240 gr XTP's will don in me R92 in .44 mag, but this is my first test of the 158 gr XTP's in the .357 mag. I have had the 180 gr XTP's in the past, but never really spent the time (or money) to wring out the accuracy. I've always had the idea that the 158's would probably fit the bill, but they just weren't available locally, and I've been totally content with cast bullets. Since I was out of 240 gr XTP's, I ordered both the 240's for the 44 mag and the 158's for the 357 mag and loaded up my first test batch(s) of the 158's yesterday. Had the chance to run out to the range late this afternoon, between the storm cells, and run some through the chrony. This wasn't exactly what I was wishing for, but it's almost exactly what I was expecting.
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mr surveyor
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Re: .357 Mag and HNDY XTP's

Postby GasGuzzler » 09 Jul 2018 05

One flyer and four near POA? Looking good. That's some pretty good velocity as well although I am not directly familiar with AA#9.

If I got to play I'd try:

15.5 H110/W296
17.0 Lil Gun
14.5 A2400
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Re: .357 Mag and HNDY XTP's

Postby Ranch Dog » 09 Jul 2018 06

The shooting looks very good JD. You going to deer hunt with the 357 Mag this year?
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Ranch Dog
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Re: .357 Mag and HNDY XTP's

Postby Macd » 09 Jul 2018 07

The XTP's look like they would make a good close range deer round. I would be happy with that for hunting. Wonder if a solid nose bullet might be more accurate. There are some nice TC jacketed and plated bullets available.
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