Four's a Party - Range time with Wifey

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Four's a Party - Range time with Wifey

Postby GRV01 » 28 Sep 2018 06

Wifey and I went to the range yesterday with a new friend and a guest. That is, we took our new LCR 38SPL and rented a 1911 (her first) and it was great.

We shot the LCR at 5yds with Winchester 130gr JFP. It was more of a familiarization than anything else. Wifey did okay, all of her shots were on the target except a flyer but her grouping got better as i worked with her on her support hand grip and trigger control. Shes still spoiled from her Chiappa Rhino which is the LCRs weight plus a third *and* has the 6 o'clock barrel but is too heavy for her to carry comfortably. Recoil with the 130gr wasnt bad and once i get my reloading equipment back ill be able to make lighter practice rounds. All in all a good little gun and im glad i got it. I like the coppered cylinder too, too bad they dont make them anymore

The real fun started with our 1911 rental, a Kimber 5" all steel Govt model in 45ACP. She was very apprehensive about shooting it between the big heavy looking gun and its big fat bullets but her smirk after emptying her first magazine while immediately reloading her next told me all i needed to know -- she likes it! She learned an important lesson first hand, one ive been trying to get her around to, and thats Big Guns Are Easier to Shoot. Small, cute guns are harder. I learned a thing or two too, that I cant wait to get a Govt model, probably a Ruger SR1911 as a fun gun and for HD def. not to CC, despite it being a bit big for my hands (i had to release the slide with the thumb of my support hand) and that those things are accurate. At 7yds i tore out the center of the target and her groups were much better than the LCRs

Now shes asking when were getting one :D ill try to get some pics up
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Re: Four's a Party - Range time with Wifey

Postby Ranch Dog » 28 Sep 2018 09

Sounds like a great time and a new pistol!
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Re: Four's a Party - Range time with Wifey

Postby Ohio3Wheels » 28 Sep 2018 10

1911s are great. You can never have too many.

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