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Postby horseman » 17 Mar 2019 10

I was re-reading this post and realized that the first time around I didn't fully understand the issue he was showing. I THINK I understand now...my interpretation now is, correct me if I'm wrong again Slash, the primer slider isn't fully "presenting" the primer onto the priming pin. If this is in fact the problem then a couple things come to mind. Does the primer assembly fit snugly into the intended "slot" on the shell plate carrier. I don't think this would be the problem but it is something that should be checked and corrected if it is a bit loose. Fixed by a small strip of tape around the bottom portion of the assembly that fits into the slot (or hole or whatever that's called) that holds the assembly. What I would really look at is as the case comes around in the shell plate the little curved arm moves the primer slider back towards the rear of the press to pick up another primer, then as the ram goes up the little square part on the back of the primer assembly arm contacts the long pointed piece (technical term) and THAT is what causes the primer slider to move the primer forward onto the priming pin. Yours doesn't seem to want to do that. You say you've fixed the issue by removing the small O ring under the primer slider arm to reduce (eliminate) friction and that's fine. But the priming should work with that O ring installed so I would still check the adjustment's in those two areas anyway. Something may be worn or a part may just be a bad part but worth a look. Hopefully I've made this understandable enough that a person can follow and is of value.
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