Continuation of my last post

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Continuation of my last post

Postby killian6pk » 26 Jul 2020 18

I copied this question from my previous post because I did not want it to get lost. The question is important if for nothing else but my peace of mind.

I started some 45 ACP rounds this morning. I originally bought a LoadMaster 45 ACP Kit. You all sugested that I start out using a single stage, so I found the Lyman Crusher II on closeout at Sportsman Warehouse. So I have been using that. I had to go into the LM kit to get the 45 ACP dies and it was only a 3 die set. No carbide crimping die include. Do 45 ACP rounds not have to be crimped?
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Re: Continuation of my last post

Postby Ranch Dog » 27 Jul 2020 06

My response is yes because I go through a Powder Through Expander die with both cast and jacketed bullets. A taper crimp, which is used with a semiauto pistol in that the cartridge headspaces on the case mouth, simply flattens out the 'belling' that was previously done by the expander die and squeezes the case mouth tightly against (but still mostly parallel to) the sides of the bullet. A uniform crimp also insures a uniform shot start pressure across the lot of ammunition which is important for consistent slide operation and accuracy downrange. The crimp die, whether it be through an adjusted bullet seating die or the Carbide Factory Crimp die is the final step of uniforming the cartridge you produced.

If you trim your cases, you can setup of the bullet seating die to deliver the crimp just as the bullet reaches the desired seating depth. I do this with a 38 Spl revolver (roll crimp) on a three die press (Automator). The cases that are shorter than the target case length must be rejected and those longer, trimmed.
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