Standard Deviation & Extreme Spread

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Standard Deviation & Extreme Spread

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Just back from the range after trying out my newbie reloads from my new Pro 4000.

From 2 ten round strings from my Glock 34 firing 147gr Summit City coated .356 bullets.

This over 3.4gr IMR PB with Fed primers.

First 10: SD=10 / ES=26 / Average velocity=916 / Power factor= 134.65

Second 10: SD=8 / ES=23 /Average velocity=902 / Power factor= 132.59

For kicks, I shot a string from my new Ruger Max-9

SD=13 / ES=42 / Average velocity=837 / Power factor= 123.04

So the Max-9 didn't make minor power factor, but I'm not shooting it in competition. Like I said, just for kicks.

Curious for input on those numbers for the G34, my USPSA gun. I know smaller is better, but bearing in mind, this is my first dip into the reloading pool after shooting for many, many years.

Thanks for your comments & suggestions!

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