Lee new expanding plug for PTED

Carbide and Steel die sets plus the Carbide, Bottle Neck Pistol Cartridge, and Factory Crimp Dies. Also the Bulge Buster Kit.
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Re: Lee new expanding plug for PTED

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reloader762 wrote: 03 Apr 2024 20:07 If you just want the new expander plug only, go to reloading dies then single dies then handgun powder through die from the list select the powder through expanded die of the caliber you're interested in. Click on that die and under Product Information click here for parts and select the expander plug only if you already have the original die with the old style expander. Here is a list of the current two-step expanders and part numbers as of a couple of weeks ago, there may be more by now. I purchased the 9 mm, 40, 38/357 and 45 ACP expander plugs only and they were all the new style.

Screenshot 2024-02-21 at 12.51.58 PM.png

This....if just wanting the plugs this is the best way as of now.
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Re: Lee new expanding plug for PTED

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Thanks, This was good information for my experience building.
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