New to reloading with Lee Pro 4000

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Re: New to reloading with Lee Pro 4000

Post by RBHarter »

We can get to 32 BHN with a recognized alloy like linotype.
Unfortunately 1-2% zinc in a batch of WW will blend in and get it there or almost with fast air cool .
25% linotype added to any vintage of WW water dropped will get there .
If your tin source happens to have antimony and copper in it it will age harden past 28 BHN when water dropped .

The lino and zinced alloy will break up on a hard backer .
The lino WW will fragment on steel but punch through plywood.
The coppered alloy , at least up to .5% in solution, will poke holes in 1/4" CRS plates .

There's 16 ways to alloy to a number that can and sometimes will have very different results not only terminally but in the barrel . It probably doesn't make a lot of difference under 25 kpsi but someplace between 25-28 kpsi it starts to matter , a lot .
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Re: New to reloading with Lee Pro 4000

Post by horseman »

And by the way KyDave, welcome aboard a fine place. Good folks here but we sometimes get a little out in the weeds.. :D You have a nice outfit there, looking very good and judging by the target results, whatever you're doing just keep doing it. Looks good to me.... +guns
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Re: New to reloading with Lee Pro 4000

Post by kydave19 »

Thank you! I appreciate the info I've received so far in my threads about the Pro 4000 and issues thereof. I've got it apart right now and waiting for some free replacement parts from Lee. They've also been very good at responding. I've been getting to a nice rhythm, then I'll get a case not feeding right. The current issue is (again) case not feeding right - me not seeing it as I'm watching a different part of the process - jamming an extra case down onto the slider surface and denting it. Then the unreliable feeding worsens and the problem loops. I see room for improvement on the slider surface and the procedure of moving the slider unit back and forth... Learning curve. I've seen some ingenious home solutions which I'm surprised Lee hasn't incorporated. The slider door being a major one.
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